Das NanoPhotometer N50® im Kampf gegen COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every country in the World – changing how we live, work and the way we interact. No more than ever, countries are looking to thei researchers and scientists for solutions and a path for moving forward. New mobile labs and testing facilities are being established in countries across the world.Implen-Bild-2

The spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia is occurring at a rapid rate. Indonesia now has one of the highest numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases in all of Southeast Asia, according to numbers released by their government. To help prevent further spread and facilitate the detection of COVID-19 in the community, the State Intelligence Agency/Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN) of the Republic of Indonesia has established mobile laboratories for COVID-19 testing. The first four of the new mobile labs have been dedicated to serving communities where COVID-19 cases are most prevalent.

Each mobile laboratory consists of equipment for extracting COVID-19 samples and instruments for viral detection using Real Time PCR method. One of the supporting instruments in the mobile laboratory is the Implen NanoPhotometer® N50-Touch. The N50-Touch UV/VIS spectrophotometer is used for detecting the concentration of extracted viral RNA prior to Real Time RT-PCR. The Indonesian government (through BIN) purchased a total of 4 NanoPhotometer® N50-Touch to outfit their mobile labs. Implen’s distribution partner in Indonesia, Pt. GeneCraft Labs is providing comprehensive workflow solutions to BIN and is installing the NanoPhotometer® instruments. The NanoPhotometer® N50-Touch was chosen as the best fit for the BIN labs due to the instruments’ accuracy and consistent measurement results. The device is trusted by researchers worldwide to provide comprehensive measurement data. Additionally, the NanoPhotometer® is easy to use with an intuitive user interface and multiple options for quick data transfer.Implen-Bild

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